the angel welcomes you!
my name is rei! i am the digital angel and webmaster of this site! i made this simply for fun even tho i like coding, i am not an expert. here you will find all kinds of this about me! my hobbies, shrines, rentry, resources and more! please take a look around!

apologies for the overload of pink.. its my favorite color hehe , below you can read my boundaries, likes and dislikes!

The angel's boundaries!

Please: be nice! i am sensitive and dont want unneeded critcism , unless i ask ofc! i am autistic so i will use tonetags, if you are uncomfortable with this i apologize but i need them over text/online so i can be sure i know that others area aware of what my tone is supposed to be.

DNI: SOURCE DATERS I HATE YALL DNI DNI DNI , pro/comshippers, non traumagenic + mixed origin "systems", literally any of my exs i hate all of you and you all suck, rarepair antis, i block freely but ill probs update this list some other time

OTI: traumagenic systems, rarepair shippers, if you're not on my dni (unless i block you), gorillaz fans, anyone else that isnt mean to me



apr. 13th, 2024 - im basically done with the revamp but also like, i already want to change things, aughhhh

apr. 12th, 2024 - i totally forgot, the site is one month old!! happy belated birthday jiraikeiangel.neocities.org!! ive added a lot today such as a new pfp for one, the layout (mentioned previously in the update log despite offcially being added today), a new 404 page, diary, etc!!

apr. 10th, 2024 - woah new layout :D more things to come!

mar. 20th, 2024 - i am still on hiatus, however i have to edit my site from my phone as i am unable to on my pc atm. so expect it to say site updated even tho much hasnt changed. i will return soon! love from the angel

mar. 11th, 2024 - mini hitaus while i do things to the site.. had some mental health issues but i should be updating the site a lot when i return. should be back in a few days. the angel will be back

Mar. 8th, 2024 - added frilly border to the boxes! changed favicon, fixed mobile optimisation the best i could, fixed cbox positioning :3

Mar. 7th, 2024 - added things (cbox, stamps, header, wallpaper), mainly spent time decorating!

Est. March 6th, 2024!!!
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